Finally Fall

2020 seems like it’s been a whole decade, but we’re in the home stretch. It’s FINALLY fall! Here are ten reasons why fall is my favorite:

#10–State Fair

Texas State Fair

 To me, the state fair always signaled the end of summer and cooler/shorter days ahead. 

#9–Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Coffee art

Honestly this is just an excuse to drink MORE coffee. Cue the jitters and anxiety! 



It doesn't get much better than a campfire with a chill in the air and your favorite drink of choice. 

#7–Chili Season

That's it. That's all that needs to be said.


It's like the fair, but with beer and cooler weather.


I don't know anyone who *doesn't* like decorating for fall. And to everyone who has the perfect porch with the hay, scarecrows and pumpkins––I'm seriously jealous. 


Fall candles and decor

I could spend an afternoon (and possibly a paycheck) browsing in the candle section. Which candle section? ALL OF THEM. 

#3–Cooler Weather

Any day that isn't in the 90s with 60% humidity is a good day. 

#2–Fall Colors

The beginning of fall is absolutely gorgeous. Give me all of the colors. 

#1–OU Football

Oklahoma University football

Boomer. Sooner. 

Happy fall, y'all!