Route 66 to Amarillo

We decided to stretch our Route 66 travels a little further west this past weekend, traveling to Amarillo, Texas. I've been through Amarillo once before, but it was years ago. It's always neat to go back to a place you haven't been to in a while and see how it's changed. 

We were coming from Tulsa, so obviously we had to stop at Pops (you should go if you're ever in the area!). 

Route 66 Pops Arcadia bottle photography print

You can't go to Amarillo and not visit the Cadillac Ranch located right off Interstate 40. If you think visiting old cars buried halfway in the ground out in the middle of a pasture is wacky, well--you're right. But it is an iconic landmark and it is neat to at least say you've been there. Be sure to bring a can of spray paint, the kids will love it!


One place we stumbled upon while we were out there was Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It's about 35-40 minutes south of Amarillo, but the views are incredible. We spent the better part of a day just walking around taking photos and exploring the area. 

One of my favorite parts of this trip was visiting the Lile Art Gallery located on SW 6th Ave in Amarillo off of Route 66. Bob Lile is the owner and was an absolute joy to speak with and had a great shop with tons of Route 66 souvenirs for the family. Mr. Lile specializes in making Jewelry made from paint chips collected from the Cadillac Ranch--how cool is that?! Seriously, check it out. 

More photos from the trip: