This Close to Missing the Shot at Devils Den State Park

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there's a story that you can't see just by looking at a picture. Take this photo for example.


Red Leaf in Devils Den State Park Photography

This was taken in August of last year while hiking through Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas. It was hot that day, but where we were at in the park it was rather cool. Combined with the humidity, the temperature difference made it extremely damp, almost foggy. The further we hiked, the muggier it got. I snapped this photo just before I put my camera back in my bag, fearing I had already ruined it. The rest of the day I was disappointed because of all of the shots I wasn't getting, not realizing this was a successful photo. 
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Here are some shots I snagged on my phone:
Devils Den State Park Hiking Trail