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This Close to Missing the Shot at Devils Den State Park

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there's a story that you can't see just by looking at a picture. Take this photo for example.   This was taken in August of last year while hiking through Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas. It was hot that day, but where we were at in the park it was rather cool. Combined with the humidity, the temperature difference made it extremely damp, almost foggy. The further we hiked, the muggier it got. I snapped this photo just before I put my camera back in my bag, fearing I had already ruined it. The rest of the day I was disappointed because of all of the shots I wasn't getting, not...

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Route 66 to Amarillo

We decided to stretch our Route 66 travels a little further west this past weekend, traveling to Amarillo, Texas. I've been through Amarillo once before, but it was years ago. It's always neat to go back to a place you haven't been to in a while and see how it's changed.  We were coming from Tulsa, so obviously we had to stop at Pops (you should go if you're ever in the area!).  You can't go to Amarillo and not visit the Cadillac Ranch located right off Interstate 40. If you think visiting old cars buried halfway in the ground out in the middle of a pasture is wacky, well--you're right. But it is an iconic landmark and it is...

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Star Spangled Salute Air Show

We made the trip down to OKC this weekend to check out the Star Spangled Salute air show at Tinker Air Force Base. IT. WAS. HOT--but definitely worth the sunburn and dehydration.  I LOVE planes, so I was a kid in a candy store for about 5 hours.  The show featured the Thunderbirds, a P-51 Mustang, F-35 Lightning, KC-135 Stratotanker, F-18 Hornet and a B-2 bomber.  I took a walk down memory lane as The University of Oklahoma had one of their trainer aircraft (Piper Warrior - Crimson 14) for the audience to view. I actually flew this plane while studying to get my pilots license at OU in 2010/2011.  My favorite part of the show came when a vintage...

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